Marvel Star Wars Tradepaperbacks

This is a list of the all the released and announced Marvel Star Wars tradepaperbacks.  These collect the comics that have been released by Marvel since reaquiring the Star Wars publishing license from Dark Horse.  Not included are movie adaptations and material marked as “Legends”.  Legends material is no longer considered canon, although I may make a separate list for those as Marvel re-releases them.  So far the only in-canon story that has not been collected by Marvel is Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir (maybe they will re-release it to coincide with his new comic in 2017?).  It was originally released by Dark Horse, which may be why it hasn’t been collected yet.

Note: “HC” before the title refers to it being a hardcover collection.  Unless otherwise noted the issues listed correspond with the title of the book (i.e. the “1-6” next to Darth Vader v1 indicates it contains issues #1 through #6 of the Darth Vader comics series).

This list will be continually updated as new Marvel Star Wars tradepaperbacks are announced.

Marvel Star Wars Tradepaperbacks List

Chewbacca 1-5
Darth Vader v1 1-6
Darth Vader v2 – Shadows and Secrets 7-12
Darth Vader v3 – Shu-Torun War 16-19, Annual 1
Darth Vader v4 – End of Games 20-25
Doctor Aphra v1 1-6
Han Solo 1-5
HC Darth Vader Collection 1 1-12
HC Darth Vader Collection 2 13-25, Star Wars 13-14, Vader Down 1, Annual 1
HC Kanan Collection 1-12
HC Shattered Empire 1-4, C3PO
HC Star Wars – Heroes for New Hope Leia, Lando, Chewie
HC Star Wars Collection 1 1-12
HC Star Wars Collection 2 15-25, Annual 1
Kanan v1 – Last Padawan 1-6
Kanan v2 – First Blood 7-12
Lando 1-5
Obi-Wan and Anakin 1-5
Poe Dameron v1 – Black Squadron 1-6
Poe Dameron v2 – Gathering Storm 7-13
Princess Leia 1-5
Shattered Empire 1-4
Star Wars v1 – Skywalker Strikes 1-6
Star Wars v2 – Showdown on Smuggler’s Moon 7-12
Star Wars v3 – Rebel Jail 15-19, Annual 1
Star Wars v4 – Last Flight of the Harbinger 20-25
Star Wars v5 – Yoda’s Secret War 26-31
Vader Down Star Wars 13-14, Darth Vader 13-15, Vader Down 1