Thoughts on Justice League 3 – “The Totality Part 3”

Justice League #3

John Stewart is under the influence of the Ultraviolet spectrum while Martian Manhunter and Superman try to infiltrate the Totality in Justice League #3.

Justice League 3

Justice League #3“The Totality Part 3”
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 4, 2018

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Collected in: Justice League v1

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Reviewer: Masfueg0

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John Stewart: Ultraviolet Lantern?  Believe it!  Under the influence of the Ultraviolet Spectrum, John Stewart engages in some ultraviolence against his teammates Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.  Meanwhile, the rest of the League investigates the scene of the fallen Source Wall fragment, and encounters not only a horde of giant monsters, but a pair of longtime archenemies using stolen Atom technology to literally get under their skin.  Best to stock up on Cortizone for that sort of itch!  All this and…the Turtle? Yep.

I have to admit, by issue two Justice League was getting very “Snyder-rific”. Setting up plot pieces that he wouldn’t answer until issue fifty and such. He’s so famous for that. That’s what he does. I was really close to jumping off and then I read Justice League #3.


Issue three had so many redeeming qualities. He explains things from the previous issues right away. He used characters exactly how they were intended and got their voicing spot on for me. Some might say the way he has spread out the team feels a little all over the place but it works here. We don’t always need the whole team fighting one “big bad”. You can have them spread out to accomplish one goal. The best part for me was the cliff hanger that each narrative gave us. It definitely left a lasting impression that I haven’t seen from this book yet.


Not sure what changed but holy cow has the art gotten better. Jorge Jimenez found his groove and I’m loving it. The splash pages from the previous issue never really grabbed me. As I flipped through the pages here, I became more and more impressed. I need posters of this stuff. I especially loved the detail of Batman and Hawkgirl traveling through Superman and Martian Manhunter’s bloodstream. It was a treat to look at.

Final Thoughts

So, am I drinking the Kool-aid? Has Snyder and Jimenez gotten themselves out of a hole? Time will tell. I’m going to pick this one up for a while longer and see if they can keep this ship true. I’ll give this issue a solid 9.0 for getting me back on board and correcting some early troupes.

Justice League #3 (2018)


Justice League #3 (2018) Final Score