Masfueg0’s Thoughts on Titans Special #1 – “Emergent”

Titans Special #1

After the ending of No Justice the Titans have been split, but Nightwing has a plan to bring them back in Titans Special #1.

Titans Special #1

Titans Special #1“Emergent”
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Sergio Davila, Vicente Cifuentes, Brent Peeples, Matt Santorelli, Brian Ching, Nicola Scott, Max Raynor, Ben Oliver
Colorists: Luis Guerrero, Marcelo Maiolo, Michael Atiyeh, Jordie Bellaire, Dinei Ribeiro, Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: $4.99

Release Date: June 13, 2018

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Reviewer: Masfueg0

Solicitation Text

It’s the dawn of a new age of Titans! The events of Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice have left the team in tatters, but a strange new threat has emerged to lead Nightwing to reassemble the Titans with a mix of old blood and new.  A rash of metahuman power fluctuations are threatening people around the globe, and only the friends who grew up as superheroes can help those whose powers have grown out of control! It all starts here in this special issue kicking off a bold new direction!

General Thoughts

Dark Knights Metal and No Justice ended with hope. Where THIS book picks up, we’re greeted with mystery, death and whole lot of sass. Meta humans are popping up all over the world and Nightwing, under the umbrella of the Justice League, forms a team to help.

Even though I’ve seen solicits and promotional images for this book, it was still very exciting to turn the pages as a new member of the team was added. Nightwing gathers a few familar faces but adds a new heavy hitter who I gladly welcome. I’m glad Dan Abnett went out of his way to shake this team up yet allowing the Beast Boy and Raven Saga to continue. The best part about this team is that no one on it is perfect. Every member is dealing with something and that’s exactly why Nightwing wanted them on the team. It’s a bunch of twenty something’s trying to find their place in the world among the gods. It’s as relatable as Titans/Teen Titans has always been.

This book had a huge team of people on art. Like, super huge! To their credit at no point was it jarring when the art changed. The artists were able to capture the turmoil of each Titan as Nightwing visited them one by one. You could feel what they were going through on a deeper level. I wouldn’t say we saw anything groundbreaking but I really enjoyed the art and I hope it stays consistently good.

Titans Special #1

This book does an amazing job bringing a new innitiative to DC Comics but I can’t help but feel like we’ve seen this before over in another universe. After the source wall was broken latent Meta human genes were activated. It feels very X-men. Instead of homosapiens hunting them we get a team of super heroes instead. Even though they operate under the Justice League I can’t help but think there will be resistance from those who don’t understand they want to help. I hope issue two fleshes out what they intend on doing once they identify who these new Meta humans are.