Marvel Heroes – Black Bolt Physical Melee Build vs Mr. Sinister Terminal (Red) [No Commentary]

Black Bolt Physical Build

Black Bolt Physical Melee Build

A video showing off the skills of the new playable character Black Bolt in Marvel Heroes. I specifically built him as a Physical Melee fighter (his other option is Energy Ranged fighter) — build details are below. I took him through a Red version of the “Sinister Lab” Terminal, which culminates in a battle with Mr. Sinister and various X-Men clones.

For this I used the following powers:

Left Mouse Button – Close Combat
A – Swooping Strikes
S – Regal Mandate
D – Inhuman Speed
F – Opening Moves
G – Inhuman Shockwave
H – Master Blow (Signature Move)
Right Mouse Button – Quasi-sonic Surge

His Ultimate move, Royal Decree, is used near the start of the boss fight.

For his talents I picked the following:

True Attunement – Generates energy in combat
Attilan Alacrity – Powers up Inhuman Speed & Open Moves
Razor-wind Wings – Powers up Swooping Strikes
Master Blow – Switches his Signature Move to Master Blow and changes the damage type from Energy to Physical
Power Overwhelming – Gives stat boosts when he has full energy

I made this build to suit my playstyle, and I do not claim that this is a raid-worthy build. I would highly recommend checking out or the official Marvel Heroes forum for discussions on building raid builds for Black Bolt (and other heroes).

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and available as a direct download or via Steam. Black Bolt is currently available for pre-order on the Marvel Heroes website, and comes with his default costume as well as one alternate (the one I am using in the video). He can be played on the Test Center if you want to try him out before you put any money down. People who paid for the most recent Advance Pack will receive him automatically.

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