Marvel Heroes Test Center – Black Bolt vs Skrull Invasion Terminal (Green) [No Commentary]

Marvel Heroes - Black Bolt

Please note this is from a Test Center build of the game and should be treated as you would a beta product. The skills, power level and animations all can and will change before the final release of Black Bolt into the full Marvel Heroes game.  You can check out this post for a video on a Physical Melee version of Black Bolt after his official release, and here for a video using an Energy Ranged version of the character here.

This video shows off some of the skills of the upcoming character Black Bolt in Marvel Heroes 2016. I teamed him up with Magik (Phoenix Force variant), who is already live in the full version of the game. I took them through a Green version of the Skrull Invasion Terminal, which culminates in a battle with Super Skrull. This is meant as a quick run through the terminal with these characters, and is not meant to be challenging. To be fair, I tried running this in Red difficulty and found it more difficult than it should have been. Right now I would consider Black Bolt to be underpowered relative to most other characters in the game.

Black Bolt relies on one set of powers (generators) to build up his energy pool, and then another set of powers (consumers or spenders) that use the energy from the pool. In the build you see me using the powers bound to “A”, “S” and the left mouse button are generators, “G” and right mouse button are spenders. “D” is his dash power (free, but with limited chargers that regenerate over time), “H” is his Signature power. “F” is neither a generator nor spender, but is useful for getting into the middle of enemy formations. If I were to replace any powers in this build the latter would be the one I would swap out, probably for another spender. In this particular build “A” and “S” deal good damage and power up “G” for a big hit. A bonus is that using “G” results in the cool-down on “S” immediately being reset. The right mouse button attack is used to clear out large groups of low level hostiles.

I do not claim this is the best build or a particularly powerful build. It is, however, a build I really enjoyed playing after trying several different setups. Once Black Bolt goes live on the main servers you should check out for guides on how best to build the character for high level gaming if that is what you are looking for.

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and available as a direct download or via Steam. Black Bolt is currently available for pre-order on the Marvel Heroes website, and comes with his default costume as well as one alternate (the one I am using in the video). He can be played on the Test Center if you want to try him out before you put any money down. People who paid for the most recent Advance Pack will receive him automatically.

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