Marvel Heroes – Beast and Jubilee vs Red Skull Axis One-Shot (Green)

Marvel Heroes - Beast & Jubilee

I made a short video showing off the skills of the new playable character Beast and NPC team-up character Jubilee in Marvel Heroes. I took them through a Green (easy) version of the Axis one-shot, which culminates in a battle with Red Skull. This is meant as a demo and is not showing a challenging run.  As much as he might wish otherwise Beast is not that powerful.

The powers I choose to equip Beast with come from his “Brawn” skill tree, and are augmented by his skill points to have him team-up briefly with Jean Gray, Angel, Nightcrawler and Jubilee (in addition to the NPC tag-along Jubilee).  His “Brain” skill tree is not represented much in this gameplay.  There is nothing special about his equipment and none of it would be considered truly end-game worthy (hence the run through the “easy” version of the one-shot).

The Axis One-Shot features Red Skull as the final villain, but first you have to fight through tons of Hydra and Red Hydra agents, as well as Madame Hydra.  There are also several Hulkbuster enemy variants, who can be quite difficult in higher difficulty modes since they have a self-heal that will restore the majority of their health in one go.  In the Green version of this one-shot, though, they are simply slightly stronger variants of the usual power armor enemies.

Overall Beast is a fun character who I was not expecting to enjoy, but discovered had some interesting skill points that modify his powers in unique ways.  I will try putting together a “Brain” setup for him later and run a different one-shot to see how it compares gameplay-wise.

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and available as a direct download or via Steam.

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