Heroic Deals: Nova and New Warriors 1-Day Sale on Comixology/Amazon

Heroic Deals: Nova

Comixology is having a one-day sale on Nova and New Warriors books, and as a fan of both of those series I figured it was worth pointing out.  The highlight of the sale for me are the six-volume Nova series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  This was in the middle of the Annihilation cycle of stories and closed out with Realm of Kings, and it is one of the best sci-fi comic series you will find in recent years.  It also features one of the best moments in modern comics where Rich Rider (Nova) returns to Earth after the Annihilation saga to be confronted by Tony Stark about where he falls in the Superhero Civil War that was going on at the time.  Rich’s verbal bitch-slapping of Tony over that is so perfect and well-deserved that it should be read by most fans, and frankly most writers, too.  You can also get the series as individual issues if you prefer and save a couple pennies, but the trades tend to allow you to maintain a better reading experience.

You can check the tradepaperbacks of the series here.  The individual issues are here.

Nova and Tony

Another set of books that is available through this offer are the three volumes of New Warriors Classic.  Between the three volumes you get the first appearances of the New Warriors (which featured Nova prominently), and up through the 17th issue of their ongoing series.  Personally New Warriors is one of my favorite books ever, but it is also a product of its time and the influence of the early 90s is easy to see.  I am hesitant to recommend it since the third volume of the trades came out in 2015 and it looks like any future volumes have been canned.  The series went for 75 issues, with most of them written by Fabian Nicieza, and it is a shame that less than a third of them made it into these books.  There was an omnibus that collected the first 26 issues plus a few side appearances, but it will also most likely not get a second volume.  Individual issues are also on sale, but they stop even before the third tradepaperback’s end point.

You can check out the tradepaperbacks for that series here, just keep in mind it is unlikely we’ll see the remaining issues collected.

Lastly you can get the original Nova series on sale as well, and even though there are only three tradepaperbacks for that it does include the entire series plus some side appearances.  It has aged decently well over the years, but the character has evolved a lot since then.  The Rich Rider of this series is extremely different from the one readers may know now.

You can check those tradepaperbacks out here.

If you do get some of the Nova or New Warrior books I hope you enjoy.  They are some of my personal favorites, and I will always recommend them to sci-fi or superhero fans.  This sale is only good until tomorrow morning (January 24, 2017).