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In The Beginning…

Welcome to Heroic Legacy, a tiny corner of the Internet dedicated to my own thoughts on various nerdy pursuits.  The focus of this site will primarily be on superhero comics, but it will certainly branch out into my other passions such as Star Wars and movies of all sorts.  The Internet may well be overrun with geek sites of questionable merit, but this is my little section of it, and I intend to be proud of my contributions.

So where does the name come from?  In superhero comics we have “legacy heroes” which are, essentially, a single superheroic identity that has been wielded by different people.  Some examples would be Batman, Robin, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, and many more.  While we have had legacy heroes for almost as long as we have had heroes, in recent years there has been an explosion of them.  Just like there have been dozens of legacy heroes over the years there have been dozens (hundreds, really) of sites dedicated to talking about them.  This is the latest, but it won’t be the last.  I hope that you will find my contribution to the society of Internet nerdwriters worth reading, and I thank you for stopping by.

Heroic Contents

The next obvious question is: what can you find on this site?  Well, my initial plan is to stick mostly to reading tradepaperbacks of new stories and old, and then writing about them.  One of the things I intend to do is to write positively rather than contribute to the overall negative vibe the Internet seems to give off these days.  That is not to say I won’t call out comics or shows for weak writing, bad art or general stupidity, but the overall atmosphere is meant to be more positive.  If I don’t like a book, movie or show then I am more likely just not going to write about it.  Why waste the energy when there is an endless supply of good stories I could be consuming instead?

The goal I am setting for myself with Heroic Legacy is three posts a week, with at least one of them being a review of a tradepaperback.  To clarify, I say “tradepaperback”, but what I really mean is “story arc”.  In most cases I will be looking at the issues that are contained within the tradepaperback rather than the actual book.  So extras that may be included won’t be covered.  This is because the majority of my collection is digital through Amazon/Comixology, and I normally only buy tradepaperbacks after I have already read the stories.  As a result most of the trades that I own are hardcover and/or premium quality.  They’re mostly meant for show on a shelf.

I have a few other ideas I’m toying with, too.  I’ll just pop them in a list here so you can see what is (potentially) coming up:

  • Recommendations for Marvel Unlimited subscribers
  • Recommendations for ComicBlitz subscribers
  • Thoughts on newly released movie trailers
  • Examining the heroic legacy of various superheroes
  • Examining the villainous legacy of various antagonists
  • Thoughts on newly released comics
  • Editorials on… whatever I feel like
  • Top 10 lists

Those are just what I’ve started out with, and some may get dropped while others get added.  In regards to the crossed out top 10 lists idea, that isn’t going to happen.  Whether valued or not those lists are generally low-effort clickbait, and I’m trying to avoid that.  There will be some posts that are lists, but not like that.  As an example, one of the first posts coming this week will be a look at all the superhero movies coming out in 2017.  I won’t be ranking them or anything like that, but I figure a quick overview of what to expect is useful.


I mentioned Amazon above, and I’m going to use that to segue briefly into a talk about money.  My intention with this site is to avoid all forms of ads, pop-ups and so on.  I hate encountering them on other sites, and I don’t want to subject you to them.  I will include in most reviews a link to an Amazon page for the book or movie in question, but the reality is you should support your local shops if possible.  Local comic shops are the reason the comics industry is able to survive, and we should support them.  If you want to click on the link and buy something from Amazon it does help support the site, but to be blunt this is not an expensive site to maintain.  So there will be Amazon links, and they will be clearly identified as such, but you are under no pressure from me to use them.

Okay, well that is about everything I can think of for now.  New content will begin rolling out soon and I am looking forward to getting 2017 off on a good foot.  Welcome once again to Heroic Legacy, and I hope you decide to come back again soon!