Thoughts on Batman Rebirth #1

Tom King and Scott Snyder bring the Dark Knight into the new DC Universe in Batman Rebirth #1.

This review is a repost from my old website.  It was a capsule review, hence the short length.

Batman Rebirth #1

Batman Rebirth #1 CoverWriters: Scott Snyder, Tom King
Artist: Mikel Janin
Colorist: June Chung

Cover Price: $2.99

Release Date: June 1, 2016

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Collected in: Batman v1: I Am Gotham

Gotham faces the threat of the Calendar Man.

This was probably the best of the bunch [of books released this week], although not much really happens story-wise.  It sets up where Batman and Bruce Wayne are at right now (basically moving back to the usual status quo), as well as laying the groundwork for his new not-Robin sidekick, Lark.  The few qualms I have about this issue focus around Bruce doing one-handed pull-ups on the edge of an open-air helipad on the top of Wayne Enterprises, which I imagine was pitched simply for the “awesome” value of it, and the design for Lark’s costume.  It’s not like the Robin costumes have ever been the height of subtlety, but I feel like the only thing missing from Lark’s bright yellow getup is the giant bullseye to represent the bait he obviously is.  The idea of Batman, King of Stealth, wandering around with a brightly colored sidekick has always been a bit of an odd disconnect, but this is a whole new level on top of that.  Still, I’m excited to see someone other than Damien playing the sidekick role for a while.  As a teaser for stories to come this works exceptionally well, and makes me excited to try out the various Bat-books of the relaunch.

This book will lead into the launch of three different Batman titles, though it looks like Detective Comics isn’t getting much of a setup here.  Since that book features some of my favorite Bat-sidekicks I am disappointed by the lack of its appearance here, but I imagine setting the tone of Tom King’s flagship title and Scott Snyder’s continuing story in All-Star Batman were the priority.  I am saddened by that, but still looking forward to Detective Comics‘ launch.

Batman and Lark talk in Batman Rebirth #1

Batman Rebirth #1


Final Score



  • Good setup for future stories
  • Solid art


  • Lark's costume is absurd, even by Batman standards
  • Skyscrapper helipad pull-ups