Thoughts on Captain Marvel #2 (2012)

Captain Marvel #2

Things go a little crazy when Carol takes her newly inherited T-6 plane out for a spin in Captain Marvel #2.

Captain Marvel #2 (2012)

Captain Marvel #2Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Dexter Soy

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Price: $2.99

Release Date: August 15, 2012

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Collected in: Captain Marvel v1: In Pursuit of Flight or Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Hero v1

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Reviewer: Watchman

Solicitation Text

Captain Marvel can’t walk away from a challenge from her past!! Who’s the better pilot? Introducing the THE BANSHEE SQUADRON! Avenger Time Travel Protocols: Engage!


Not much happened back in issue one except to establish a historical figure of the Mercury 13 and give Carol Danvers the Captain Marvel name, but this issue picks up the pace and delivers some actual plot to the mix. Not everyone is going to be pleased, though, and there are certainly parts that could use a bit more fleshing out before it all really makes sense. Still, it is at least is going off in a direction I doubt many people would have predicted.

The story here begins innocently enough with Carol taking an old T-6 plane out of storage and flying it in an attempt to prove that one of her childhood heroes, Helen Cobb, really did break an altitude record back in the day. It’s one of those things that only a select few people are really going to care about, but it’s important to Carol and that’s good enough for us. The problem here, though, is that as a result of climbing too high (past the record altitude) the plane develops a serious icing problem and stalls, going into an unrecoverable spin. That’s fair enough, but then somehow this spin causes Carol Danvers to be catapulted back in time and across the Pacific Ocean to a Japense war camp that just happens to be raided by a group of female soldiers. The whole thing is stretching matters quite a bit, to say the least, and much eye-rolling shall follow.

From Captain Marvel #2 (2012)There’s enough groundwork laid here that I strongly suspect we’re going to get one of those stories where the time travel is part of its own little loop. This is my hypothesis so far: Carol Danvers is gifted Cobb’s T-6 because Cobb remembers Danvers coming from the future in her T-6 and doing something important during World War 2. Additionally there’s a strong suggestion that Danvers is going to be the “wealthy admirer” who buys the plane for Cobb in the first place. I could certainly be wrong, but that is the only suggestion I have right now that makes the slightest bit of sense. Which doesn’t really make it “good” so much as “acceptable”.

What’s going to make or break this arc, and probably this entire book, is in the execution. It starts out alright, minus the out-of-nowhere time travel jump, with the characters Danvers meets being somewhat interesting and entertaining in their own right. But then the story then takes a ninety-degree turn at the end and introduces mysterious alien things, which have some odd connection to Carol. It’s all very weird, and very out there, and not really in a good way.

This story can still work, and writer Kelly DeConnick is talented enough that I’m willing to stick with it for now, but some of the insanity really needs to be reeled in a bit. Things are happening without much in the way of rhyme or reasons, and while I do have faith a proper explanation is coming, right now it’s rather maddening in its strangeness. I’d be hard pressed to really recommend the series as it currently stands, but we’ll see how things are going with a few more issues behind us.


Captain Marvel #2 (2012)



  • Lots of fun flying


  • Coherency is optional
  • Art continues to be rough