Thoughts on X-Factor #234 – “Long Distance Call”

X-Factor #234

Anger bubbles over and long-simmering resentment is brought to the fore as Layla and Monet have it out in X-Factor #234.

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X-Factor #234

X-Factor #234 Cover“Long Distance Call”
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Leonard Kirk
Colorist: Matt Milla

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Price: $2.99

Release Date: April 18, 2012

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Collected in: X-Factor v16 – Together Again for the First Time

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Reviewer: Watchman

Catfight! Monet Calls Layla Out… And It’s Gonna Get Ugly. A Departed Member Of X-Factor Returns. And Introducing Seattle’s Newest Heroes: The Insignia And Shutterbug! (One Of Whom May Not Make It Through The Issue.)

General Thoughts

The start of a new storyarc brings with it the hope of some redemption to a series which has been flagging for a bit. After the overlong journey to return Multiple Man to life and establish a new cadre of villains for the team, we finally have an actual story getting started. It took too many months to get here, but this issue is a promising start to a new arc. But, I’ve said that before and things have gone a bit off the rails each time. Still, the addition of Havok and Polaris to the team may be just what the series needs to get going again.

There’s two plot threads running through this issue, one is the new villains wandering around killing off a rather pathetic hero and his chronicler, and making vague threats about destroying the world. The other thread is Layla and Monet having it out over Layla’s powers, and her using them. It’s a plot that’s been building for a while with Monet’s anger over Stong Guy’s resurrection, and it’s good to finally have it out.

A good bit of tension also comes from Havok’s and Polaris’ leadership now that Madrox is back from the land of the dead, who promptly throws things into chaos. The conflict between leadership styles should make for some interesting reading in future issues. This may also give Madrox a chance to branch out some more as a character, which was really one of the strongest points of the series back when it launched.

It’s not a great issue of X-Factor, but it’s a move in the right direction, and that’s really what the title needs. The team dynamic has changed appreciably with the addition of Polaris and Havok, and Layla’s and Monet’s issues are finally in the open. I could do a with a bit less of the villains talking in enigmatic phrases to themselves for no apparent reason, but writer Peter David is talented enough to make it work. We’ll just have to see where this all goes.

X-Factor #234


X-Factor #234 Final Score



  • Addition of Polaris and Havok is welcome
  • Finally moving forward with story


  • Still sluggish plotting